29 June 2018

Fashion Horoscope: 5 trends every cancer should try this summer

Fashion Horoscope: 5 trends every cancer should try this summer

Credit: @bodymaps

Define your style according to the Zodiac sign. Here is our fashion horoscope!

The Cancer woman has temperament but at the same time, she’s grounded and focused. She is often described as hard on the outside and soft on the inside and these two contrasting sides make her a strong independent woman. No matter the changes in her life, she’s ready to go with the flow. As a water sign, she can change very quickly according to the events. Just like the wailing tides, one moment she can be extremely passionate and calm again. No doubt – she is special and this shall find a reflection in her style.

Top picks for cancers

As a helpless romantic, cancer loves light, flowing materials, elegant cuts and soft colours. They appreciate intricate details and impeccable quality. Feminine pastel colours suit them particularly well. In office situations, the female cancer likes to keep it formal with classic navy colours to support her grounded and determined side. Well, she has a weakness for accessories. Unique jewellery, bags and edgy shoes complement her daily style.


Do you know that one person who often pushes the limits? Well, this is a Cancer woman. She can keep the balance between logic and her emotions, femininity and masculinity. Jumpsuit’s menswear-inspired silhouette highlights both of her sides. Its lines give her a feeling of empowerment and strength she embodies.

Romantic Dresses

Lace, floral prints, floating materials. She’s dreamer and romantic cuts suit the cancer woman. She has a clearly defined aesthetic and values quality so forget synthetic fibers. She’ll surely go for natural textiles and impeccable cuts.

Vintage Earrings

Didn’t we just mention that Cancer women have a flair for jewellery? Their romantic spirit is reflected with their nostalgia for all things vintage. That’s why a pair of retro statement earrings should be her next investment!

Statement Blouses

A classic shirt? Yes – as long as it features unique details! Ruffles, wide sleeves, transparencies, no matter what the Cancer women will pick, we’re sure the design will be cool and edgy.

Bags & Shoes Co.

Edgy accessories are always in vogue and Cancer women know the best picks! From a 70s-inspired basket from Bodymaps to low-heel slip-ons in vibrant colours, they have skills to elevate the most classic look with a little help of trends they never blindly follows but select!

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