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Unique Women is our new series that will introduce you to wonderful and inspiring women. Today with: Teresa and Jana from These two gals from Munich have recently founded a blog that covers everything that matters to us women without looking down on their readers from Olympus. They talk about masturbation, swimwear for every body type and what really happens when you’ve been betrayed. Here they are, honestly talking about their inspiration and ideas.

Showroom: How would you describe your magazine in three words?

Teresa & Jana: Inclusive. Empowering. Real.

Showroom: How did you come up with the idea to find These Girls?

Terasa & Jana: We’ve wanted to create something together for a while that will motivate us and relate to us personally. The content of conventional women’s magazines has become outdated, and we still find ourselves to be stuck in this place. Our priority was to inspire women and motivate them and let them know that you should celebrate femininity and every facet of it. We didn’t want to include diet advice or any supposed ‘dos and don’ts’ but rather tips on how to become the best version of yourself.

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Showroom: The magazine is still your hobby. What are your ‘real’ jobs and which backgrounds are you coming from?

Terasa & Jana: We both work in marketing in the interiors industry (Teresa’s focus is more on text and concepts and Jana’s more on styling and concepts). Both of us had previously studied fashion journalism and media communications.

Showroom: Which topics engage your readers that aren’t discussed in traditional media?

Teresa & Jana: Topics such as self-confidence, body awareness, self-love, self-care, and love are the topics we get the majority of response on. We feature honest, direct, and very personal stories that are very close to our hearts, engage us, and are an unfiltered presentation of our experiences. We will never cover diets or run articles like “that’s how he likes me best”. We say no to stereotypes. We want to speak to all women – regardless of sexual orientation, family background, or religion. We want to encourage women to become their best self without preaching them or persuading them that they have to change for someone else or the society.


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Showroom: Keyword – teamwork. Do you have any special areas of expertise? If so, what are they?

Teresa & Jana: Each of us has preferences of course – for Jana, it’s styling and visuals and for Teresa it’s text  but we also know that we complement each other. At the moment, we both do everything on These Girls. Since the blog is still relatively young, it was especially important to us to build up everything together from scratch.

Showroom: One of your articles is called “Why ‘No’ is your BFF.” From my own experience, I can say that it takes a lot of time – and effort – to find an answer to this question. What advice would you give to your 23-year-old self?

Teresa & Jana: Always be yourself! No matter what anyone else says. Don’t do anything just to please someone else and don’t change for someone else. If someone tries to bring you down, cut them out of your life. Do you and do it unapologetically – always! And don’t waste your time for fuckboys!

Showroom: What are your most unusual self-love tips for times when your ego has taken a beating?

Teresa & Jana: Take a look at pictures of yourself – and I mean the ones in which you think you look totally happy and amazing. Look at them and locate exactly the energy that you’re radiating in these pictures – and give yourself some credit. Go and put on your ‘bulletproof’ outfit – a of pants or the dress that you know is a 100% guarantee to make you feel good. This will lift your spirits! And then – gratitude. Even if you’re feeling down, each of us has things or people in our lives that we can be thankful for – be it your best friend, a roof over your head and warm food, health, a material possession, or having a great partner. When you remember this, you have to admit that it’s not as bad as you first thought.

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Showroom: At Showroom, we sell fashion by small designers and advocate remaining true to our own style. Is there an item of clothing that always makes you feel special?

Jana: I bought a pair of Levi’s on Times Square in New York a few years ago and I always feel really good in them because my butt looks exactly how I want it to when I wear them. They’re comfortable, and no other jeans come close to them.

Teresa: I own a long black dress that’s made of a fine knit with gold Lurex threads in it and I like to wear it with heels. It makes me feel unbelievably good about my body and emphasizes the features that I want to emphasize – my breasts and my waist!

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