12 September 2018

Checklist: Everything you need for the perfect yoga outfit

Checklist: Everything you need for the perfect yoga outfit

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The main thing is that it’s comfortable, right? Whether you’re a beginner or an asana pro, anyone who practices yoga will soon realize that a functional outfit is an advantage on the mat. Although you don’t have to spend a lot of money on shoes or accessories, the right yoga outfit will help you concentrate on your practice. Here we’ll show you what really matters when it comes to your yoga outfit!

Not too tight, not too loose

The most important thing is that your clothes don’t distract you from your yoga practice: no bra straps cutting into your shoulders, no t-shirts that slip around, no pant legs that are too wide. Nothing should fit too snugly. This will allow for freedom of movement in all directions and enable you to take on advanced postures. At the same time, your outfit shouldn’t be too loose, otherwise you risk exposing everything when getting into inverse postures like Downward Dog.

Your yoga style matters

The style of yoga you practice will determine what kind of outfits and fabrics are best. While Vinyasa flows predominantly consist of dynamic movements and that makes stretchy clothing an advantage, those carefully taking the postures of classic Hatha yoga will benefit from slightly warmer clothing, as the body cools down quickly. Bikram Yoga requires very minimal, tight-fitting clothing that breathes. In this case, the room is heated to almost 40 degrees Celsius, so cotton fabrics that absorb water can be rather problematic.

Yoga pants

Leggings are the perfect yoga pant. They fit snugly so there won’t be any extra fabric to disturb your dynamic flow sequences. If possible, the material should breath so that no sweat builds up in your leggings – even during those faster sequences. If you prefer a looser fit, we recommend pants with a waistband that sits on the hips and the ankles to prevent slipping. Caution: Always make sure that your yoga leggings are opaque!

Yoga shirts

Here too, you want the garment to be as comfortable and close-fitting as possible – but not constrictive! With sleeves or without, that depends on your own taste and the temperature. Our tip: Two shirts are better than one. A tight-fitting top under the actual shirt prevents the upper and lower part from slipping! For the deep relaxation at the end of the yoga practice, Shavasana, a comfortable sweater or jacket works well. As Shavasana is practiced lying down, take care that there aren’t any pieces on the back that could disturb your posture.

Yoga bras

You’ll want a tight-fitting sports bra so that everything stays in the right place during all those stretching postures and inverted poses. They not only provide support, but almost make sure that your fellow yogis won’t be confronted with more skin that usual. However, a relaxed ribcage is essential for many breathing exercises in yoga. Under no circumstances should your bra affect or restrict breathing.

Yoga jumpsuits

Nothing can slip around if you’re wearing a yoga jumpsuit! And they aren’t just comfortable, they’re also very trendy.


Most yoga studios have everything you need for a yoga class: a mat, blocks, straps, and blankets (depending on the style, other equipment may be needed). However, these are the things you shouldn’t forget:

  • a towel, as some asanas can get you sweating.
  • a hair tie, so nothing is getting in your face during your yoga practice.
  • a pair of yoga socks to put on during the deep relaxation.




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