10 December 2018

The Holiday Season with Kids. Get Inspired by our Designers!

The Holiday Season with Kids. Get Inspired by our Designers!

It’s that time of year again – the clocks have been set back, the days are getting shorter, and tranquil family time begins. The winter makes some people contemplative. For many, there’s a certain melancholy in the air. But the winter months don’t just bring shorter days, colder temperatures, and less sunshine; they are also the bearer of gifts like those especially cozy evenings wrapped up with a holiday-themed comedy. Another reason for cheer? There are so many celebrations just around the corner! It’s a time of year marked by elegance and a little glitter.

This marks a time for celebrating wonderful holidays with the whole family. And if you’re going to celebrate, of course you’re going to need a great outfit. The perfect outfit is unique, eye-catching, sparkly, and romantic. But listen up! It’s not just the grown-ups who want to dress up and look nice. Kids want to wear something special, too. That’s why we want to give you some inspiration with some great holiday looks from our kids’ brands. Our independent designers love to create special and sustainable designer pieces that both you and your kids will be crazy about. But be sure that you’re not dressing your kids for you: They should feel good in what they’re wearing and be able to show off their personality. It’s the best way for them to learn their own style.

Hannah & Tiff

Playful, childlike, and elegant – every kid will definitely find a favorite look here. Inspired by Southeast Asia, Hannah & Tiff creates contemporary children’s collections that have a special Asian-inspired touch.

The eye-catcher: elegant quilted jackets. A beautiful detail for a holiday look. But the dresses, shirts, and skirts can also be worn really well together.

Analogias for the Perfect “Mini-Me” Look

If your kids like things casual, but still elegant, then go for a Analogias look. What’s special about Analogias is that moms can really have fun putting together a “mini-me” look with their little ones. Great dresses, skirts, and basics that are classic and comfortable but practical – everybody knows that moms often have to accommodate sporty stuff with the kids. For a wow effect this holiday season, you and your daughter can pick out matching classic dresses together. Let the melting reactions begin!


Does your daughter like to be the center of attention? Does she have a strong fashion sense? With a romantic and chic look by MIN, you’ll both impress the entire holiday crowd. Think pink, lace, and organza fantasies for very special occasions. A princess for a day? No problem – your daughters will love these dreamy dresses. And there are also great dresses and skirts for the moms out there.

Peter Jo Kids

British chic combined with high quality fabrics – an amazing label for small and not-so-small kids alike. If your child likes to be classic-chic, but not too conspicuous, we can recommend an outfit by Peter Jo Kids.

Banana Kids

A colorful world for every child’s dreams: At Banana Kids, you will find playful patterns, great cuts, and incredibly sweet dresses. A perfect mixture of classic basics and extraordinary pieces. The floral prints and enchanting details are especially eye-catching.

We wish you tranquil, loving, and relaxing holiday season with your family!

Jeniffer Gontovos

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