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We all know them, love them, and want one – a wool coat. In the wind, drizzling rain, cold, or even a bit of heat, it’s a natural fabric that is resilient, breathes, and regulates your body temperature. All of which makes a wool coat the perfect piece for a transitional season like the fall. A good quality wool coat, however, is often quite pricey. To help you avoid a bad investment, we’ll show you what to look out for when buying one and which shapes will perfectly flatter your body type.

Wool: A Quality Fabric

Wool is a wonder material that can be processed in many ways and combined with other fibers, so it often serves as the base for fall and winter coats. It’s also easy to dye and therefore can be used in a variety of designs. Another plus: Wool is sustainable and easy to recycle, far surpassing all types of synthetic fibers. Is a wool coat on your shopping list? Then you should definitely take the quality of the wool and the composition of the fabric into account as part of your purchasing criteria. The higher the wool content, the warmer the coat will be. And the softer the wool is, the more delicate it is. When you make your purchase, the main thing is to be sure that it is 100% wool – or if not, that the content of other fibers is low. Is it easy to clean? Light stains can simply be dabbed off. Otherwise, wool coats should go to the cleaners!

What Style of Wool Coat Suits Your Figure?

The Hourglass Body Type

Are your bust and hip measurements similar and you have a narrow waist? Lucky you! You belong to the much-coveted hourglass figure club. Our tip: Less is usually more when it comes to wrapping your feminine curves. Go for a wool coat with a classic cut and a belt to accentuate your small waist. Avoid shapeless and very wide-cut coats at all costs – they’ll make you look equally shapeless and pack on the illusion of extra weight.

The Pear Body Type

The pear figure is characterized by curvy hips and a smaller upper body with a small waist. This body type is one of the most common around the world and looks particularly feminine. Since this type has its center of gravity in the lower body, we recommend selecting a long coat with narrow shoulders. This will flatter your narrow upper body and conceal wide hips.

The Triangle Body Type

In contrast to the pear, the triangle figure’s center of gravity lies in the upper body. It is also one of the most frequent body types for women. To make some room for a usually very pronounced bustline, it’s best to choose a wool coat with a V-neckline. But beware of cuts that are narrow all around – they can quickly make your proportions appear bulky and out of balance.

The Rectangle Body Type

If your body doesn’t have pronounced curves and your hips, waist, and shoulders are all about equally wide, then your figure is categorized as the rectangle type. This shape is also often referred to as the “ruler” and is generally slim and elegant or sporty. The perfect wool coat for you? There are two possibilities here: either accentuate your femininity with a belted coat or a peplum (like the hourglass type) or choose a long, straight-cut wool coat for a sporty look.


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