13 August 2018

How to find the perfect T-shirt? 4 common mistakes and how to avoid them

How to find the perfect T-shirt? 4 common mistakes and how to avoid them

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There is this kind of woman who just looks amazing in jeans and a t-shirt. Sexy, but not vulgar. Are you one of those ladies for whom this basic look is just good enough for going to the bakery? Well, then, this article is specifically  for you. Each of us can be glamorous in jeans and a tee like Jean Seberg or Brigitte Bardot. It only depends on quality and cut of the T-shirt as well as the perfect items to combine with.


4 T-Shirt Problems and Solutions

1. The wrong material

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Not all Jersey fabrics are the same. If the cotton material is transparent and at the same time too elastic, it will take the form of the most beautiful figure and exposes the bra. The fabric of a T-shirt should be firm, and not too thick. For example, Munich-based label The Sept offers plain basic shirts made of perfect jersey fabric.

2. The wrong cut

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Currently, semi-fitted T-shirt styles are trendy. Round necklines make the androgynous look perfect. The cut-out is important: If the neckline ends too far up, the neck appears much shorter than it is.

3. The wrong colour

A simple, white T-shirt has a particular elegance that no coloured item can match. If your t-shirt shines white, you will look fresh and sporty. As for coloured t-shirts in colour you should make sure that the shade of them suit you. Some blue tones – often those with grey streak – make you look pale, in some others you look as if you’ve just come back from your holiday in Greece. Just try it out! Another wonderful in-between solution that make you always look fresh: striped Breton shirts!

4. The wrong companion

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We love retro cuts these days and that is why mom-jeans and vintage style pants go well with perfectly tailored shirts. Treggings or skinny jeans can rest for a while. For a fresh look, opt for blue denim jeans without any holes. Granny jewellery adds an unexpected twist to your tee.  Wrap a strand of pearls around your neck or put on mother of pearl earrings.


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