10 August 2018

Everything you need to know about open Wardrobes: 4 Tips by the Founders of RackBuddy

Everything you need to know about open Wardrobes: 4 Tips by the Founders of RackBuddy

Open wardrobes and clothing racks are trending and more attractive than the usual, bulky, closets right now. But is this modern option really a great alternative to the traditional cabinet? We asked the founders of RackBuddy.

Martin Heinze and Lasse Nielsen, founders of RackBuddy
Martin Heinze and Lasse Nielsen, founders of RackBuddy (Credit: RackBuddy)

Why racks are a good alternative to classic wooden closets

Yes, there is a high demand for open wardrobe solutions at the moment. You get the feeling of having your own walk-in closet straight away – what a lot of people always dreamt of having. People are investing a lot of money into their clothing so they like to be able to showcase them in their homes (for themselves and for others). The Sex And The City quote “I like my money right where I see it… in my closet” comes to mind – nothing gets hidden away behind doors anymore. The clothes become one with the interior decoration. What should not be forgotten about is that a lot of people who are living in smaller city apartments can save space and make their flats seem bigger by using clothes racks and rails instead of huge, bulky closets. You are just so much more flexible with a clothes rack construction and can even make use of the smallest corners.

Our Wild Bill Elliot is definetly our bestseller. This clothes rack is smart, as it fits a lot of clothes into a small space. People also like that it is standing freely and can therefore be moved whenever they feel like changing their interior up a bit.

What is trendy right now?

The industrial style is very trendy at the moment. Our customers are looking for something simple, yet with character and easy to combine with everything. It is trendy to buy your own rack and leave standardised chipboards to the masses. People are looking for individuality. We recently launched a new collection that combines the industrial water pipes with oak wood, giving the racks a bit more of a Scandinavian vibe – and that has been a big success as well.

x Tipps by the founders of RackBuddy

1. Organization is key 

We like to organize our clothes by color and length. If all black, blue or white clothes are grouped together, everything already looks a bit more organized.

Further, we would always recommend using some nice clothes hangers. The metal ones you get from the drycleaners might be cheaper, but they bend and make your clothes stick in every kind of direction leading to a messy look. Rather invest in some nice looking and stable hangers. Lastly, don’t “overpack” the rack. If you have a lot of clothes, choose one of our higher clothes racks (like the all time favorite Wild Bill Elliot) with two rails above each other and don’t cramp everything on one rail.

2. Keep it clean

The clothes are only attracting a lot of dust if they are hanging on the rail for a very long time without being used. If you do not use some of your clothes, maybe it is time to sort them out anyways and invest in some new ones instead? 

3. Roll up your sleeves

It is definitely not rocket science to attach the racks to the wall. The most important thing find out about your wall structure in order to use the right plugs and screws!  to find out about your wall structure in order to use the right Then, it is all a matter of making sure everything is even and screwed to the right spots and you are good to go. It is all about the DIY experience – this is going to be super rewarding, if you manage to mount it on yourself. You will feel proud, every time you look at it again. 

4. Use your all your space

IWith a lot of clothes and accessoires of all kinds, we recommend to opt for a customised solution. Rack Buddy will sit down with you and design to your individual needs. All you need is a light drawing, some measurements and the will to unbulk your bedroom! It could for example be a combination of our Wild Bill Elliot & Bob Steele with some shelves attached. We could also make a separate shelf-system only for the shoes. We basically do not have any limits concerning the height, as long as the clothes rack can be attached to the wall for stability. The only limit would be the height of our customers. But they can always use a small stool to reach up.

About Rackbuddy

Martin Heinze and Lasse Nielsen, founders of RackBuddy (Credit: RackBuddy)
Martin Heinze and Lasse Nielsen, founders of RackBuddy (Credit: RackBuddy)

In 2013, Martin was looking for an affordable, customizable wardrobe solution for his new apartment, but he could not find anything that would fit the industrial style exactly like he always imagined it. Therefore Martin and Lasse decided to build a wardrobe on their own in Martin’s garage. What started as a fun project, turned into the online store and brand RackBuddy. Lasse worked with online shops before starting RackBuddy. Martin used to be a professional football player and a policeman after he decided to move on to furniture design.

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