9 July 2018

Ciao Teeny-Weeny Bikini, Buongiorno One-Piece Swimsuit: A Plea for More Fabric on the Beach!

Ciao Teeny-Weeny Bikini, Buongiorno One-Piece Swimsuit: A Plea for More Fabric on the Beach!

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After decades of wearing a bikini, our author has discovered one-piece swimsuits. Why there’s no going back (for now) to a tiny two-piece? Once you discover the best styles of the season, we won’t need to convince you any longer!

If you were a pre-pubescent girl in the 90s, you had one thing on your mind when it came to swimwear: When am I going to get my first bikini? The era’s ultra-practical children’s swimsuits mostly had seahorse logos sewn on them, which sparked only the slightest sense of glamour when you were already a few years past your first swimming lessons. If you were wearing a bikini, you had finally made it – and “the tighter, the better” was the motto, one that many women still swear by today.

But after buying my first one-piece as an adult, I’ve found a new appreciation for this style of swimsuit. And here’s why:

Ice cream, French fries with ketchup and mayo, and watermelon: one-piece styles are forgiving

In most cases, the reward for indulging your taste buds on the beach is a little pot belly – unless you have washboard abs like Justin Bieber, that is. And while a bikini mercilessly exposes your mid-section for all the world to see, a one-piece keeps it discreetly under wraps. Thanks for that!

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Romy Schneider sends her love. Bring back some old-style glamour!

Romy Schneider wears a black swimsuit that contrasts against her tanned skin in Jacques Deray’s film The Swimming Pool. She is the embodiment of glamour, and she owes it all to her minimalist one-piece. The take-away: One-pieces are a must-have for Romy Schneider The Swimming Pool-style moments.

Swimsuits for glamourama: 

One-piece swimsuits: perfect for chilly water

Amazing @_aurreo in our #candice #onepiece #swimsuit 😍😍😍 #drivemebikini

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Studies have shown that every single person has their own feel-good temperature. Many women tend towards feeling too cold – especially from the waist down. If you’re going to be swimming in chilly ocean water, you’ll freeze a bit less in a one-piece than you would in a bikini. I know what I’m talking about…

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