We take a look at new social medias platforms and apps that will help you develop a fashion business.


An innovative take on Newsletters that thanks to the app can now be sent via Messenger. It is like Mailchimp but with an average 80% open-rate. Creating new marketing channels is essential for fashion brands and with the emergence of direct-to-consumer marketing, this app will help you reach them in a frequented space


If running Instagram giveaways is your thing, there comes Tagwin. With ‘Hashtag’ or ‘Follow to Win’ contests, the new app will allow you to build a strong followers’ base and encourage them to explore your product offer and engage with the brand.


If you aim to develop your Instagram strategy, Insense is one of the most practical tools to do that. You create a campaign, send your brief to selected creators who prepare the content. Once you accept it, it goes live to reach a new base of Instagram users. No matter if you aim to drive subscriptions around the new product launch or drive sales, Insense is a smart tool to manage Instagram campaign in a curated, controlled way.


Influencer marketing laid bare. The Influencer Discover tool allows you to find the best influencers who match with your brand from a 30,000 global influencers network from 17 countries. Message them directly with your offer, product or service – once it is accepted, you can start promoting your product. With the rise of influencer marketing agencies, the app is a simple tool to connect with people via verified and trusted channels.

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