We´ve created the series “Meet our Designers” to introduce you to the very talented Designers you´ll find here on SHOWROOM. This time we are visiting the guys behind Maison030 in their Berlin atelier. 

The label is based in Berlin and you can tell right away: You´ll find the same casual nonchalance of the designers Sofiane Benbrahim and Jeronim Blank in their designs. Learn more about the two Berliners and the meaning behind their brand´s name:

The label is all about high quality and moderate prices. By combining streetwear and prêt-à-porter, the two are delivering their very own intepretation of modern Zeitgeist  and it´s working. This might also have to do with the skills and know-how each of the designers are bringing to the table. Sofiane founded his own marketing and PR agency 15 years ago and Jeromin gained years of experience in fashion retail while working as a manager at German department store Peek & Cloppenburg. 




But it´s not all just blood, sweat and tears. The two friends always find time for having a laugh together. They have known each other for 13 years and are working together on Maison030 for almost 3 years now.



Shop Maison030´s collection:

We created the video series “Meet Our Designers” to introduce you to – you guessed it! – the most talented designers you can buy on Showroom. Find out more about Maison030 here

Photos & Video: Artur Cieslakowski


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