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It’s been hundreds of thousands of years since the very first jewellery piece was designed. Take Ancient Egyptians for example. Soon after they’ve discovered gold, jewellery evolved to beeing an absolute must-have for women and men of all classes. More elaborate jewellery forms became a privilege only the rich could afford. They used semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli, pearls and emeralds – sounds familiar, right? They also believed in the spiritual meaning behind the jewellery they possessed. It could ward off bad spirits, bring luck or the mercy of gods.

We start off 2019 with a deep belief that taking a more holistic approach to life will let us be mentally and physically healthier. Though we’re not planning on getting superstitious (don’t worry, your engagement ring won’t draw the anger of gods), we want to be more conscious about the shopping choices we make. That’s why our picks of the season are gems – those with a meaning.

Modern Talismans: Meaningful Jewellery

We’re thinking pieces that you will treasure forever. The price tag that comes with 24k gold jewellery may look daunting but making one solid investment will make you appreciate your new gem even more. There are no prescriptions when it comes to how your modern-day talisman should look like – the key is that it reflects your character and carries some symbolic value to you and only you.

Shapes and symbols

In Egypt, the shape of an eye symbolised the Eye of Horus. In Buddhism, it expressed the omniscience (all-seeing) of Buddha. What about the “hand”? In the Middle East, the Hamsa hand is a protective amulet associated with the Hand of God. It is part of human nature to attach meaning to shapes. Has this tradition got lost? Considering the fast-paced tempo of the fashion industry, it has gone missing but we want to bring it back. So do our designers. Our latest obsession? Pendants with zodiac signs!

The magic of stones

Apart from shapes, many stones and some raw materials used to manufacture jewellery carry their symbolic magic. In some cultures, freshwater pearls – that often came in unique moon shapes – have become associated with the power of the moon. Lapis Lazuli is a token of wisdom, clarity of mind and decisiveness while turquoise stands for generosity, honesty and devotion. So if there’s this one missing element in your life, you might need to get a bit carried away and put your trust in precious stones!

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