31 December 2018

How to become the best dressed guest in 3 easy steps

How to become the best dressed guest in 3 easy steps

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We all know the struggle. Putting your Christmas party outfit together can be a torment – especially when you’re trying to please everyone around. Before you even start, remember to take it easy. Nothing works better than a small dose of effortlessness mixed with elegance. Sounds easy but in fact, stress can make you pick the safest (and most boring!) option of all. That’s where we come in with our super brief, 3-step guide how to become the best dressed quest!

Step 1 – Think about the occasion and your true self

So your mum/best friend/boyfriend-to-be/boss will be there? So often the guest list tends to inspire the character of our outfits that we forget about ourselves and what we feel comfortable in! A conservative dress is not necessarily the best option for a family dinner while a sexy lace shirt might not be the right pick for a pre-Christmas date. We believe in a thing called fashion intuition. Ask yourself a question: How would I like to feel? What is it that makes me look flattering and elegant? Believe it or not, the confidence expressed in your posture and movements will always do the job. Be real!

Step 2 – Review your wardrobe

So you’ve done the thinking and it’s about time to review your wardrobe. First of all, pick all your favourites. Dresses, blazers, shirts, skirts. Bags and jewellery. Put them onto your bed and try to combine them into a couple of different looks. Clothes are more versatile that we realise! Try following the rule of contrasts. Pick one piece and style it in two radically different ways – feminine and more androgynous, modern and a bit retro. Try them on and see what’s makes you feel good. In case of doubt, call a friend. In case of an extra huge doubt, watch one episode of Sex and The City – Carrie’s daring style is always holds an answer.

Step 3 – Add a twist

You’ve chosen your look and sighed with relief. No, we’re not done yet. Now, reach out for this one and only accessory in your wardrobe you’ve always been afraid to wear. A pair of statement earrings, a colourful silk scarf, a geometric clutch. Add it the look and see if it works. Most of the time it will as these small elements are not as much for decoration but self-expression. They will highlight your character, they are cherry on top. Unless you’re wearing a maxi see-through gown for a business Christmas party, we think you’re safe and ready to win the title of the ‘best dressed guest’.

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