To pick a basic might seem easy but there is a list of criteria it has to meet. So before you add another white t-shirt to your shopping bag, make sure you check our list.

The fabric

We are used to super low, mass market prices of our basics. We wear low quality cotton or polyester tees because we know that as soon as they wear out, we will buy a new one. How about that we sum up the price of five t-shirts from a high-street brand and invest into something durable? If you’re ready for this sustainable challenge, make sure you pay attention to the materials. Pima cotton is the best quality cotton on the market and comes with a higher price tag. Silk is yet another choice but if you prefer a synthetic, go for viscose. It does not wash out so easily and it offers a very nice feel.

The cut

With such a simple piece of clothing as a t-shirt, a strap top or a dress, the cut is everything. Look for details such as quality finishings, the lining, the neckline and the sleeves. Ask yourself if you prefer a fitted or an oversized silhouette? A basic is here to make you feel stylish and comfy at the same time. Make sure that you spend money on an item that will reconcile these two aspects.


Every basics seems practical but there is also a questions of what you really need. Buying another white shirt will surely come easily, however, we recommend that you ask yourself what is it that your wardrobe is really missing? To buy sustainably means to buy consciously. Review all your basics and think of it as if you were making an investment. If you approach shopping in this way, pure satisfaction is guaranteed.

Philosophy Blouse

Philosophy Blouse,rhumaa-philosophy-blouse

The Carly Boy Sweatshirt

The Carly Boy Sweatshirt,the-sept-the-carly-boy-sweater

White Open Back T-shirt

White Open Back T-shirt,the-odder-side-white-open-back-t-shirt

Ofelia Skirt

Ofelia Skirt,ode-to-sunday-ofelia-skirt

Honeybee Sweater

Honeybee Sweater,aesthetic-stories-honeybee-sweater

Yoko Sweatshirt

Yoko Sweatshirt,cat-cat-studio-yoko-sweatshirt

The Wild Knit Top

The Wild Knit Top,ruyi-the-wild-knit-top

Voila Dress

Voila Dress,cord-decker-voila-dress

Salome Knitted Jumper

Salome Knitted Jumper,frieda-sand-salome-knitted-jumper

Antonia Wrap Dress

Antonia Wrap Dress,bo-carter-antonia-wrap-dress-black

Ivy Satin Top teal

Ivy Satin Top teal,moye-ivy-satin-top-teal

Asymmetrical Front Buttoned Organic White Shirt

Asymmetrical Front Buttoned Organic White Shirt,rakha-asymmetrical-front-buttoned-organic-white-shirt

Limere Dress

Limere Dress,undress-limere-dress

Jersey Polo Neck Longsleeve ecru

Jersey Polo Neck Longsleeve ecru,conquista-jersey-polo-neck-longsleeve-ecru

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