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The star sign with star appeal – that’s how the typical Leo woman is usually described. She draws attention to herself with her proud attitude and unshakable self-confidence. As a fire sign, she is passionate, unpredictable, and impetuous as well as optimistic, warm-hearted, and generous. She shines – especially through her self-confident style.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and symbolizes courage, strength, and pride. Although the Leo womans strong desire for self-expression can sometimes seem haughty or arrogant, the lioness is by no means unpopular – her pronounced sense for justice and generosity makes her
warm, loyal, and protective. Ruled by the sun, she radiates charm like no other and knows how to use its natural power of attraction. She loves exclusive and luxurious fashion, and she uses it to captivate her fellow man.

Fabrics and cuts for Leo ladies

More is more! Whether statement pieces, eye-catching cuts and colors, or luxury fabrics, the impulsive lioness likes to be the center of attention – and it suits her, too! Bold designs highlight her passionate nature and emphasize her unique being. She doesn’t follow trends – the trends follow her! She likes to try new things, knows how to upgrade every garment, and cleverly combines graceful classics with eccentric accessories. She perfects her outfits down to the smallest detail – from shoes to the sunglasses. She mostly follows her instincts and acts impulsively. Warm colors such as red and earth tones are particularly good on her, as well as classic black!

Leo in the Zodiac? 5 Pieces

1. Dresses with wow-factor

Classic, feminine, exclusive: The lioness loves feminine cuts that emphasize her womanly assets and her graceful posture. Classic dresses are, therefore, an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Sophisticated details such as sequin embroidery, transparent fabrics, or a gracefully cut-out back take care of the star effect.

2. Palazzo pants

One thing the Leo woman isn’t: boring. She adores variety and likes to try out daring trends. She loves making a big entrance and surprising other people with her style. Our tip: wide, wider, widest – palazzo pants and their flared legs ensure a dramatic first impression.

3. Luxury accessories

Crazy for luxury! Whether statement necklaces, vintage rings, or large sunglasses, the Leo woman knows how to make her rivals green with envy using the right accessories. Her advanced level of creativity means every garment can be transformed with accessories. But her choice of jewelry, bags, and the like is not arbitrary. When she chooses an accessory, she always chooses durable, timeless, and luxurious pieces!

4. Leopard print

The Leo ladies have been waiting for this for a long time: Leopard print is more popular than ever! Every year, this actually very classic trend makes the season its own and does away with playing things down, romanticism, and restraint. The print is bursting with strength, courage, and self-confidence – like the lioness herself.

5. High heels

High up above – high heels put the Leo woman’s legs front and center. Light-footed, she struts into the office, to garden parties, or through trendy designer shops in spiked, wedge, or block heels. Heels highlight her self-confidence and make the Leo lady seductive and irresistible.

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