May we introduce our wildly talented Berlin designer duo – Ade Velkon. It was a must to visit Kathrin Kaiser and Molly McDonnell at their Atelier andcConcept store on Potsdamer Straße. With the support of film director, Katinka Omir, we have experiences the touch and feel of dynamic duo’s minimalist collections.

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How did Ade Velkon start?

At a Party in Berlin, a mutual friend introduced Kathrin and Molly to each other. Shortly after, the idea for Ade Velkon was born and ever since, the Austrian-Californian duo has been designing minimalist and elegant collections. After we were told about their values, we fell in love with label’s ethos that stands for sustainability and timelessness. The designs become immediate wardrobe classics. Upon purchasing these stunning pieces, you do not need to worry about the current trends. These stylish masterpieces offer you the peace-of-mind as they will stand the test of time. Of course we wanted to know which item Kathrin and Molly believe  should be a wardrobe staple. Their favourite?  The ‘Mermaid’ dress. It’s a dusty blue, calf-length dress with a thin turtleneck and long sleeves. Fitted yet not too tight. The two designers point a reoccurring element in their collections which are hints of menswear.

Ade Velkon Studio Visit

Austria meets California – the best of both worlds

The girls are not only connected by their passion for design but also love of wine. Even inside their concept store, connected directly to their Atelier, you can see their worlds intertwine. Here, they sell premium wines from Styria, niche perfumes from L.A., handmade soaps from Vienna alongside their beautiful collections. They have successfully created a space that fuses their origins into a lifestyle wonderland.

Ade Velkon


Ade Velkon and Colours

In the atelier, we’ve noticed that Molly and Kathrin love colours. Their new  collection is far from monotone and puts dusty colours into spotlight – from light blue to yellow.


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In our series “Meet our designers”, we introduce you do design talents from all over Europe. Stay tuned for the next episode! 

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