A round-up of new titles focusing on fashion, art and women.


Exploring personal stories through common themes, Autodidact is a magazine created by thinkers and creatives from around the world. There is no mistake with the name – autodidact means a self-taught person and this is exactly what the publication aims to help you with – exploring. Learning through images, essays and interviews, the theme of the very first issue is ‘duality’.


What is really important? As the title implies, the magazine investigates topics close the hearts of its contributors – artists, writers, photographers. The first issue focuses on sharing esoteric subjects at large. The result may appear abstract – from a Q&A with Cindy Sherman conducted by a parrot Mister Frieda to a photo shoot by Hasse Nielsen looking into a mind portal of a young woman – IMPORTANT pushes the creative boundaries.

Pan & The Dream

The magazine is an ode to naked forms. Examining various interpretations of nude, the editors have invited a variety of artists to create their very own portrayal of a human body. Featuring a foreword by Nick Knight, Pan & The Dream is an elegant take on what may be easily deemed provocative or vulgar.


This biannual, celebrating the importance of culture and place, has operated online for a while before releasing the first printed issue. Founded by Beth Wilkinson, the magazine investigates places and proves they are not mere locations but lands of stories and feelings. Lindsay is a gentle literary reminder that preserving cultures and differences remains important.



Having launched in April, this new titles was created to celebrate women of colour. A place where diverse voices can be heard and a source of visual inspiration thanks to unique content created by women. From fashion editorials to photo documentaries, Tonal is a 300-page reflection of female creativity, still underrepresented.

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