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Our unconditional love for basics made us wonder – what’s next on our must-have list for fall? We’ve dived into the depths of autumn collection in search of perfect classics that will carry us through winter. One thing we’ve learnt? There is no limit to our craving for basics. They make life so much easier! So if you’re about the set off for a shopping trip (be it online or offline), here are some key pieces to keep an eye for!

Dream black dress

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Wear it with black tights, wear it with boots. Wear it to work, wear it for  soirée with friends. A perfect black dress for fall must make you feel comfy, sexy and true to yourself. That’s why we’ve picked some of this season’s best silhouettes – from LeBrand‘s off-shoulder, wide-sleeved gem to a classic mandarin-collar dress from Ania Kuczynska

Minimalist turtleneck

Reading the history of a turtleneck (we truly recommend!), we learn that back in the 19th century it was considered one of the most functional garments and was a favourite of the working class. Let’s ignore the hierarchies and focus on the fact that this wardrobe element remains ultra-practical to this day. Its undeniable charm probably origins from all these old pictures of Parisian intellectuals sitting at Café de Flore, wearing elegant coats and ties and very often – turtlenecks! This season it’s definitely our wardrobe staple!

Empowering suit pants

Women rule the world and perfectly fitted suits pants can help you highlight this statement! This autumn we opt for high-waisted silhouettes with wider legs. You can wear them with heels (girl-boss!) or a pair of chunky boots to add some feminine edge to a masculine look. To make sure your pants will stand the test of time, pay attention to the quality and pick models made of natural fibers such as wool.

Cosy knit

We cannot imagine a better piece to help us survive autmn so this one is a pretty obvious choice. When we say knits, we think warm, quality, classic sweaters that you can match with jeans and voilà – you’re good to go! From basic black to soft caramel, we bet on timeless colours that will serve us for seasons to come.


Narrowing our list down to one accessory was a difficult thing to do so we went for a wider selection of essentials. Counting high leather boots, a minimalist belt and a pair of statement earrings, we’re convinced these modern accessories will help us play with our autumn basics. Adding little twists to simple looks is what we like best!

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