We created our “Unique Women” series to introduce you to some of the extraordinary women who inspire us. This time it’s Lucia Pontarin, from Instyle Germany. Lucia is responsible for the magazine’s social media and has a fine sense for fashion – which makes it all the better that this half-French mother of two will soon be reporting to the SHOWROOM magazine on the ups and downs of motherhood. Lucia lives with her husband and two children in Munich and you can catch a few glimpses into her (fashionable) everyday life on her beautiful Instagram account. Lucia answered a few questions for us:

SHOWROOM: A lot of people would think you have an absolute dream job. Can you tell us a little about what you do every day?

Lucia Pontarin: I’m a fashion editor and am currently working in the field of social media. It’s an area that’s constantly growing and is very diverse. I produce content – from photos for Instagram to DIY tutorials for Pinterest – which I plan and then implement. My work is very creative. I also write on instyle.de about topics that interest me (and hopefully other people as well). The great thing about online and social media is that you can be very current, get direct feedback, and allow the reader to shop the pieces you publish immediately.

SHOWROOM: You’re half-French. How is that reflected in your style?

L.P.: I’m crazy about details and believe that a French woman’s look always appears very relaxed, but in reality is very carefully put together. For example, I bought my favorite jeans in three colors, only wear very specific white T-shirts (straight cut with round neckline), and recently paid meticulous attention to the laces when buying a pair of sneakers. Aside from that, I have a lot of classic pieces that I like to mix with eye-catching accessories or sporty styles. My Breton cap, which is of course from Saint James, is my favorite piece!

SHOWROOM: You’re one of the best-dressed people I know – and you have two kids and a job. How do you do it? Will you tell us your secret?

L.P.: I’m just glad that all types of sneakers are so popular right now. It wouldn’t make any sense to be running after my two-year-old in high heels. What was difficult for me were the high demands I placed on myself. But I feel much better now that I’ve realized I can leave the apartment untidy, don’t have to cook a mega-healthy three course dinner every evening, and know for sure that I’m giving everything at work and that you simply can’t change things like getting a call from the kindergarten that you need to pick up your kid.

SHOWROOM: Pandora Sykes, who’s the mother of a small daughter, recently wrote in the online magazine Man Repeller that she doesn’t think it’s important to share the more strenuous sides of her experience as a mom with the public. How do you feel about that?

L.P.: I am honestly of the opinion that expectant mothers should be prepared much more for the sometimes very exhausting existence that is motherhood. Fortunately, I had another “mom friend” I could talk about everything with. But I think that topics like postnatal depression are something we don’t talk about enough!

SHOWROOM: What pieces from SHOWROOM are on your wish list?

SHOWROOM: Could you tell us something about your morning routine?

L.P.: What can I say about morning madness: Getting breakfast for two children in a short amount of time and getting them ready for kindergarten/school is the mega-stress. I always put our outfits together the evening before, because it’s important to me to feel comfortable in my clothes. And I also don’t forget to put makeup on – I’m not JUST a mom!

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