We created a video series called “Meet Our Designers” to introduce you to – you guessed it – our most talented designers. Up this time is L37, a shoe and bag label whose refined, handmade pieces we absolutely love. We visited the charming duo behind the label at their store in Warsaw’s bustling city center. In this interview, Joanna Trepka and Paulina Ada Kalińska tell us the story behind their brand and what they love so much about their job.


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A perfect combination: Joanna actually studied law but decided to swap her job as a lawyer for a studio and follow in her parents’ footsteps – they have long owned a shoe company in their home country. In Paulina, Joanna found her ideal partner. After years working as a fashion and interior editor, she brought enough expertise and contacts with her to create a great brand. The two founders divide the labor when it comes to the design process. While Paulina is the queen of color, Joanna has a keen sense for trends and knows exactly which styles have bestseller potential. They both know exactly what it means to run a label: a lot of hard work. Paulina, however, describes the creative part of her work as being as sweet as the sugar in a piece of cake.


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In the beginning, Joanna and Paulina had their designs produced by Joanna’s parents. This was no longer possible as they grew and grew, however, and eventually they switched to other production facilities. Professional shoemakers make L37’s buttery soft mules, boots, and pumps by hand today. You can see what every step of the production process looks like on L37’s website.


Our series “Meet Our Designers” presents the design talents that are available at Showroom. You can find more from L37 here.

Photos & Video: Artur Cieślakowski

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