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If you want to find out what SHOWROOM is, and how it works, take a look at a description of our platform. Below you will find answers to our frequently asked questions:

  • 1. How do I create an account on SHOWROOM?

    In order to create an account on SHOWROOM, choose the Sign Up option in the top right hand corner of the page. Remember, that in order to create an account you have to accept our, terms & conditions. You can also sign up to receiving newsletters, to be on track with the latest news and promotions available on our site. After correctly signing up, you will receive an e-mail confirming your account.

  • 2. How can I log onto my SHOWROOM account?

    In order to log onto your SHOWROOM account click the Log in link in the top right hand corner of the page. After inserting the correct e-mail address and password, your name will appear in the top right hand corner. This means you have logged on, and can start shopping :)

  • 3. I've forgotten my password, what should I do?

    If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgotten password link. We'll send you an email with a new password, which you can then change individually via logging in to your SHOWROOM account in your personal settings section.

  • 4. How do I place an order via SHOWROOM??

    Log into your SHOWROOM account. Pick the product you are interested in buying - checking the correct colour and size. Add to bag. Remember that all orders placed via SHOWROOM are sent directly from the designers - this minimizes the delivery time.

    We offer the following delivery forms sposoby wysyłki:

    • UPS Courier: delivery within 1 working day after the designer has delivered the package to the courier.

    The price which is displayed by your delivery details, is the total postage price for all the ordered items. After you have checking everything, click on the "Proceed to checkout" link.

    Fill in your details and pick your payment option.

  • 5. Can orders be sent overseas?

    Of course! SHOWROOM sends deliveries via UPS outisde of Poland. After picking the products you are interested in, pick your designated country of delivery. The postage cost will be updated.

  • 6. How long will I have to wait for my order, and why was I charged more than once for postage?

    Each designer posts their items individually. In this case, when you order products from a couple of different designers, you will have to pay for each postage seperately. SHOWROOM doesn't have it's own warehouse, we are a platform connecting buyers with designers. That is why we cannot send an order in one package. n

    The delivery information can be found on each products page under its description. Most of the products are sent within a couple of days, however some are produced especially for you and their delivery times can take up to two weeks. If you order a couple of products, from the same designer, the items will be sent when they are all ready.

  • 7. When will I receive my ordered product?

    The postage time is mentioned under each product description. It normally takes from 1 to 3 working days to deliver after the item has been posted, depending on your delivery options. As soon as the designer posts your order, you will receive an e-mail with the tracking number, allowing you to check up on your order.

  • 8. Can I contact the courier in order to set a specific delivery date?

    Unfortuantely we cannot set an exact delivery date and time with the courier. You can try contacting the courier company in order to set a time slot, we cannot guarantee such an option. The courier isn't obliged to call before delivering your order. As soon as your order has been despatched, you will receive a tracking number, which will let you check up on your order online.

  • 9. Can I pick my order up personally?

    Unfortunately there is no option of picking up your order at our headquarters or directly from the designers.

  • 10. I can't see my order.

    Please make sure, that the order was placed via the account your are currently logged in on. If you are still missing your order, check what e-mail address the order confirmation was sent to. Log onto this e-mail address and check your orders tab.

  • 11. Can I contact the designer directly?

    SHOWROOM doesn't enable direct contact with the designer. You can add a comment or extra information to any order you place via the website. All you have to do, is fill in the text box at the end of your order (before picking your payment options), and we will send your comment to the designer along with your order information.

    If you want to ask about a specific object, please contact our Customer Service team.

  • 12. How can I pay for my order?

    SHOWROOM has two payment methods:

    • Payment via PayU (bank transfer or credit card),
    • Payment via PayPal
    All you have to do is add your products to the shopping bag and then pick your desired payment method. PayU and PayPal gives you 72 hours to pay for your order, if you forget or run out of time, your order will be automatically cancelled, and the products will be available for other customers again. Each order updates will be sent to you via e-mail.

  • 13. Can I change my payment method?

    Unfortunately at this moment, there is no option of changing your payment method. If you want to change your payment method, please place your order again and let us know which order should be cancelled.

  • 14. I'm having problems with paying for my order.

    If while placing your order, a problem with your payment came up please log onto your account again. Use the order details from the list, and use the blue Pay button. Whilst paying via PayU you will have the possibility to choose a different payment method (using a different bank or credit card instead of a bank transfer).

    If you are still having payment problems, you can transfer money directly to our account, with the title of your order number. Our details can be found in the Contact section of our page.

    We will wait a maximum of 72 hours for your payment. After that, your order will be automatically cancelled. You will be informed about this via e-mail. You can re-treat your order clicking the link from the e-mail we send you.

  • 15. I have a question about details regarding products on the website.

    If you are interested in a colour or size, which isn't present on the website, or any other information you need is missing, contact our Customer Service, with a link or product code number and your question. Our Customer Service will contact the designer on your behalf and get back to you as soon as possible.

  • 16. The product I am interested in isn't available anymore.

    Products are added to the website by the designers, depending on how many they have in stock. Check back on our website and sign up to our newsletter, maybe the product you had your eye on will be back in the near future.

  • 17. Can the product be sewn to match my measurements?

    Some designers have an option of matching a product to your measurements. This information can be found in the product description. Please remeber to add your measurements to the comment box when placing your order.

    Remember that individual and personalised products can not be returned or exchanged.

  • 18. Can I see the products "live" anywhere?

    SHOWROOM only works as an online platform, and because the products are sent directly from the designer, we do not have an option of presenting them at our headquarters. If you are not sure about the product you want to order, remember that you have 14 days to return it.

  • 19. How do SHOWROOM gift cards work?

    Gift Cards are a great idea for a present! SHOWROOM offers a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories from independent fashion designers, which gives everyone an opportunity to find something for themselves :)

    The gift card recipient can pick anything they like from the website, within the value of the card they have received. If the item they have picked exceeds the amount on the card, they will have an option of paying the difference. If they don't use the whole amount in one order, they can use it again after previously contacting our Customer Service. A gift card is valid for 12 months, from the date of purchase. Gift Cards can be bought on our website, www.showroom.pl/d/karty-podarunkowe

  • 20. I didn't receive my promo code for signing up to the newsletter.

    Make sure you signed up through the pop-up that came up on the homepage, or via the box at the bottom of the page. While placing an order or registering on the site, you will not be sent a promo code.

  • 21. The gift voucher or promo code I received does not work.

    Double-check the number you typed in does not have any mistakes, or extra characters like spaces. Please also check its expiry date. If you are sure that you have checked everything, and the code still does not work, please contact our Customer Service.

  • 22. How can I receive a promo code?

    Follow us on Facebook and sign up to our newsletter - there you will find information about current promotions and possible some promo codes :)

  • 23. How long have I got and how can I return my order?

    If you are not satisfied with your online purchase, you can return the unused articles within 14 days after receipt. In order to claim a refund, log onto your account on www.showroom.com and pick the correct order from the list. Then click the returns form, which will be available for a maximum of 48h after you receive your order. After you pick the items you want to return, we will send you an e-mail with the next steps you should follow. After your returns request is accepted, you will receive an e-mail with the address that items should be returned to.

    You decide on how you want to return your items. Please keep your tracking number until the returns process has finished. As soon as the designer accepts your returned items, unused and undamaged, you will be refunded for the product and postage costs (if you are returning your complete order), to the bank account you provided. You will receive an e-mail about this.

    Please remember, that returned products should not show any sign of usage.

  • 24. Why doesn't the returns application show up next to my order?

    The system takes up to 48 hours to update its delivery statuses. The returns or change application form will show, as soon as your delivery status has changed to "delivered".

  • 25. I haven't received a refund for my returned goods

    Please check your tracking number, in order to see where your order is. The designer has 72h to accept your return after receiving it. The money will be transferred the following working day. If you still haven't received your money, please contact our Customer Service.